Wile E. Coyote, Jizo and Mindful Groundlessness

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Wile E. Coyote, Jizo and Mindful Groundlessness

First, I wonder if anyone is reading this.

I just spent half an hour Googling “Does Anyone Read My Blog?” and wandering around inside WordPress trying to find the stats page.  I couldn’t.  Next week, I will talk with my tech goddess and she will teach me.  I am sure someone has figured out how to stalk and count those who read blogs.

Meantime, I am meditating about Wile E. Coyote.  When I think of groundlessness, I think of watching him run off of innumerable cliffs for 30 years.  Or was it longer? How old is Mr. Coyote, anyway? Easy enough to  Google that, too.  See? How old is Wile E.? Wile E. was born on January 19, 1979 and so is 33 years old.

Clearly, I have a little Electronically Generated ADD.  I wonder if other Blogging Buddhists have the same?  And I wonder if we get to call it something else because we are mindful of it and aware of the cost to our psychic health?

ANYWAY.  Distraction aside, Wile E. runs off cliffs.

Wile E. is Groundless

Breathe and identify with this photo. We go so fast.  We awaken and brace ourselves.  We are born and as soon as we can run, we do. We achieve. We trample over our fears and do things. I even heard an ad on television the other night: faster is better, a focus group of children said. And we dare not look down!  If we do, well, obviously, we will see there is not a lot of ground beneath us.

And groundlessness is a joy-killer.

Enter Jizo.  Ksitigarbha.  Earth Treasury.  Earth Womb.  DiZhang.  Then, you’ll find there is Ground.  Real ground.  Ground Within Us.

So, as you run today, whether from something, to something, or just because you’ve been given incentives like “when you get there, you will find happiness” — consider pausing and falling. Then fall. And find that there is nowhere to fall to. We are, in fact, grounded. We just have to find the ground. Fearing otherwise is just a collective delusion we were signed up for when the filled out our birth certificates and began aspiring to who we would be when we grew up.


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