Why learn? Why school? Why a Fly?

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Why learn? Why school? Why a Fly?

Chibi is plagued by WHY?

Why are we here?  Why do we have to learn algebra?  Why are you You?  Why am I ME?

It is back-to-school time.  After all the new clothes, if there are new clothes, and new notebooks, pencils and pens  — and for those fortunate enough to attend middle school in Manhattan Beach, Calif., new iPads, as they are now mandatory for all students.  After the apps, the phones, the haircuts and confusion, comes the existential query:  Why learn?  Why do I have to write paragraphs?  Why term papers?  Why geometry, calculus, physics, novels and discussions?

I would rather be texting and Instagraming.

When the perpetual query inevitably comes, and it will come, please do not answer it with: You have to do it because you have to succeed; or just because; or because it’s the way it is; or so you can get into a good college.

Instead, tell those inquiring kids what they’ll likely need to remind themselves when they are older:  school and study allow us to learn to exercise our minds.  Tell them that critical thinking and questioning, logic and factual writing, creativity and reading comprehension develop the mind.

Tell them that their minds need to be exercised and disciplined just like when they run soccer drills or practice shooting hoops.  Our minds do not know how to think, we have to learn how to think.


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  1. Stephanie December 8, 2013 at 3:32 pm - Reply

    I would love to add this book to my children’s book collection!

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