When a Hug Can Happen

//When a Hug Can Happen

When a Hug Can Happen

In yoga and meditation this morning, as I wrapped my arm around my waist from behind, I hugged myself.

Yoga teachers call this “bound.”

After today, I will always think of it as “hugged.”  I felt awash in love for myself, for continuing to practice meditation and yoga day after day after day, even when it felt that nothing was improving in my neurotic, busy mind.

Once hugged, I was able to take a bodhisattva vow: to work toward the ending of suffering for all sentient beings.

Once I get on the freeway in an hour, I may temporarily forget my vow.  I can take a breath, hug myself, and return to kindness.

Ask yourself, how can you hug yourself?  How can you give yourself that gift of feeling held?

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