Waiting to Blog

I have been waiting to write.  Really write.  My new website is still in development, which is sort of like remodeling your house.  And we didn’t want to keep inviting you over with all that dust around the place.

So, my Jizo and I have been in meditation, looking for words, images, stories, colors, representations, names for pieces of jewelry (big, large, tiny, wee, little, medium, Vente, noble?), the right photos that truly reflect how my pieces look when they go out to you.  I knew from the inception of Jizo & Chibi that marketing Jizo would be very different than painting, designing and producing …but I had no idea what this experience would actually turn into.  Do we ever?

I didn’t want to write anything until I knew that my readers, wherever you are, would be directed to the new website.  So I was waiting.  Making notes, yes, but not writing.  Last week it became clear that I was going stale with inertia.  I blamed it on June gloom, the Southern California “late night and early morning fog” that sometimes lasts all day.  Some folks love it.  Not me.  Fog is interesting twice a year to inspire a kind of poetry that does not come when the sun is shining.  Even better, show me a photo of fog.  I love that kind of fog.

Though I initially blamed the haze outside, it’s the haze inside that’s preventing me from sharing my words. But it’s often writing, and sharing, that lifts the fog and brings clarity.  So, I will be writing more regularly again.  I have found the ground beneath my feet in the form of Jizo holding my Chibi safely.  My inner kid wanted this space (or site?) to be perfect and my Jizo says it only has to be good enough.

Today’s blog, such as it is, is good enough.  I wish the same for each of you, whatever your endeavor.  Try to move forward, even a little, with whatever you wish you were doing  but are not because you are waiting for some perfection.  Too often, we wait on loving because we are not in the perfect body, we are not rich enough, happy enough, wise enough — we are not THERE (perfect — whatever that is) and so we may stay NOWHERE. We wait on taking the leap professionally, because we are not educated enough, experienced enough, connected enough. We wait to find independence because we are not strong enough, in control enough, paid enough.

But will it ever be enough?

I could not, in good conscience, sit here and not use what is inside me constructively, however lame my ego says it is.
So, please, explore Jizo.  Listen to your Chibi, your little one on the inside.  Hear the anxiety coursing through your muscles, the wishing, the longing, the fear, the procrastination and the million excuses why NOT to try something.  And, as Suzuki Roshi said (long before Nike):  Just do it.  I am.  I just did.  And it feels right.  (And we launched without the perfect copy or the perfected  images.  That is still, today, evolving.)

With palms together, I wish you a journey today that releases any log jam that may be stuck within you.  Visit us and revel in the imperfections!



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  1. Gladys Wu August 3, 2012 at 2:38 pm - Reply

    I am absolutely in love with the concept of Jizo and Chibi, and it is certainly one that applies to everyone. I wish you the best of luck with your blog and business. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Lucinda September 4, 2014 at 1:34 pm - Reply

    I’m glad you’re not waiting anymore.

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