Wabi-Sabi Jizo

//Wabi-Sabi Jizo

Wabi-Sabi Jizo

Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese art of appreciating things that are imperfect, primitive and incomplete. For some of the more perfectionist among us, this is a cultivated practice of seeing the world through different eyes. 

At times the ego perceives an imperfection as a threat and responds with anxiety and resistance.  Enter Jizo: protector of those on a journey.

If we lean into our Jizo nature, we can delight in Wabi-Sabi, we can have a sideways experience that is less-than-perfect and exquisite because of that very imperfection.

With this, I wish you a Wabi-Sabi New Year, knowing that the Chinese character for crisis holds two meanings: danger and opportunity.


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