The Middle Way to Start the Day

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The Middle Way to Start the Day

I always plan to meditate in the morning before going onto my phone, laptop or iPad. That way, I find the middle before being pulled in any of the other four directions.  I once heard someone say that they had never met a day that could not start 20 minutes earlier — which is to say, there is always time for mindfulness, reflection, writing, drawing, centering.  I imagine my busy mind climbing into the arms of Jizo’s grounding nature and then… I listen.

The other morning in meditation I realized that I often focus my attention on the very top of a huge pine tree outside my studio window.  It seems a rather Ansel Adams image, a heroic thing unfolding up into the sky in the midst of Los Angeles.

Nearly every morning, a crow soars across the sky and lands atop the highest point of the pine.  The tree bends a little under the weight of the bird.  Sometimes another crow comes and chases it off.  For seven years, I have watched the top of this tree.

Today, I saw something new while hoping for a glimpse of The Middle Way.  I was wondering about moderation, on right livelihood without expectations, on inspiration without pressure, on not forcing creativity but allowing and awarenessing the vast hard-drive of the universe that is often accessible to me when I have patience.  I saw a new teacher.

I saw a crow fly into the middle of the tree and alight on a strong branch that did not bend.

For that, I am grateful.


Pine and Crow

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