Teaching Children Walking Meditation

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Teaching Children Walking Meditation

Teaching children to meditate is easier than teaching adults.  Children like consistency.  We are the ones who usually introduce inconsistency to them at a very early age.  Nobody is perfect, right?

Rather than sitting and breathing in a circle, start the meditation process with a child by walking back and forth through a hallway or on a sidewalk.  Ask the child to close his or her eyes and stand still, to feel the ground beneath her feet.  You feel the ground beneath your feet while you do this.  Feel the air on your face.  Hear the sounds around you.  Before you take a step, think about taking one step forward.  Set the intention to take that step.  Notice where in the body you begin to take that step.  Now, take that step.

Stop.  Feel your body after taking one step.  Smile.  Feel the air on your face.  Feel your feet on the ground.  Form the idea that you will lift your foot again and swing it forward until the heel touches the ground…  slowly, slowly lift your foot.  Feel your heel touch the ground.  Feel your hamstring reaching your heel outwards.  Now, push on your heel and roll the middle of your foot, slowly, slowly forward until the ball of your foot touches the earth.  Jizo Earth.  Earth womb.  Earth treasure.

Notice your other leg now, which needs to come forward to follow through.  Feel the hip flexor.  Feel the quadricep begin to move and flex.  Before you lift that foot and begin to swing it, once again set the intention that you will lift that foot. Notice your belly.  Notice your breathing.  Smile.  Now move your leg forward.

You get the idea.  Take a long time.  Take a little time.  Do take time.  With a child.  With your inner child.  Please, try every day.  Bring a friend.  Bring a family member.  Take your dog.  Bring your awareness.  Bring your breath.  Bring your willingness and bring a smile.

Once you have brought all that, one step at a time, bring your Jizo-nature to consciousness.  Feel the earth holding you safely.  It’s there.  For sure.




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  1. Paula Kuitenbrouwer October 31, 2012 at 6:41 am - Reply

    A well written and lovely piece on mindful walking meditation.
    I have read it with pleasure.

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