Jizo Therapy & Pain: Listening to the Chibi of the Body

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Jizo Therapy & Pain: Listening to the Chibi of the Body


Notice any tension you might feel. Don’t judge it. Just be aware of tight places.
Inhale deeply.  On the exhalation, notice if there is pain anywhere.

Chibi resting on Jizo's chest.

Don’t make assumptions about it, please. Just see and feel.  Notice the quality of the tension.
Hot? Cold? Sharp? Dull? A color? An image?
Again, notice your belly rise on an inhalation, as you exhale and your belly falls, invite the pain to speak.
Be patient.
It may be shy or unused to being heard as anything other than physical pain.
As you continue to focus on your breathing, deeply and evenly, imagine the pain as the little Chibi at the top of this page, dancing around Jizo’s body. Imagine this as non-verbal fear, sadness; whatever emotion comes from your tightness, tension or pain.
Just notice it and wonder.  Inhale again, deeply. On the exhalation, picture Chibi entering Jizo’s jacket and peeking out: safe.  See Jizo’s smile once Chibi comes to rest.  Let it in.

We often seek safety in the most unsafe places, for instance, in the approval of others.
Now, rest in Jizo’s robes.  Nothing to be, nothing to do.  Just for the moment.  Just for this moment.

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