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Who is Jizo?

Jizo is revered in Buddhism as the protector of all those who suffer. When we wear a Jizo pendant, we may feel more grounded, whatever the day brings, as we awaken our Jizo-nature.

Who is Chibi?

Chibi is Japanese for “little one” and represents the child in all of us. Chibi reminds us to care for our inner child by placing it in Jizo’s care.

Who is Valerie?

Valerie Johns is a mindful psychotherapist, writer, and artist. She created this site introduce you to Jizo, to share her Blog for Inner Peace and encourage you to cultivate that peace by wearing her Jizo and Chibi jewelry.

From the Blog

Mother’s Day Contemplation: Attachment …and Then Detaching
This Sunday, we celebrated our first attachment figure:  Mom.  Like it or not, we internalized her since we were conceived. 
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Modern Family’s Ariel Winter & My Jizo
Modern Family’s Ariel Winter and I met last summer at the DPA Emmy Gift Suite in Hollywood.  It was a
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Circum-Respiration Meditation: Breathing in a Circle
In this meditation, you will learn to practice circum-respiration, breathing in a circle. While this may be just a breathing
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Marisol Nichols & Jizo at the Emmys Gift Suite
Last summer, I gave Marisol Nichols a large gold Jizo with a precious stone to light her way. It is
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Edi Gathegi of Twilight & Jizo
Edi Gathegi, who played the vampire Laurent in Twilight and New Moon, is one of the warmest and sweetest men! 
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If you are seeking a Jizo pendant or piece of art, please visit my Etsy shop.

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