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Our Mission: Seeking Peace

How to find peace – it is a simple request, yet one that millions of people around the globe hold in their heart.

This is the mission of Jizo and Chibi. The name Jizo refers to Jizo Bodhisattava (the Buddhist guardian of all people on earth), and Chibi is Japanese for “little one”, a childlike, cookie-shaped character I created early in my career as a psychotherapist. Over twenty years I have integrated them in harmony with my Buddhist principles.

Our Jewelry lovingly protects the wearer, our Statues and Art remind us to pause, and our hand drawn Storybooks are wonderful teaching tools for young and old alike. The Guided Meditations and Breathing Exercises are part of our offerings, along with the Mindfulness and Meditation Blog, to help with anxiety, depression and and life’s challenges.

There is a strong connection between us and the quest for peace. Many have found these images and icons to be both powerful and soothing. It is our hope that you will embrace Jizo and Chibi so they may comfort you and bring you light.

Whatever your search, we are glad you found us and we will help you on your path of inner peace, calm and balance.