On Being Jizo’s Mother

//On Being Jizo’s Mother

On Being Jizo’s Mother

I had a remarkable exchange recently with a Canadian woman who bid on one of my Noble Jizo‘s during Shambhala Sun‘s auction, Bidding for Good.  It made me wonder what each of us is giving birth to at the present moment… and what may be gestating within us that would like to be born.

We began emailing.  Turns out we are both mindful psychotherapists on similar paths.  I asked her if I could reprint what she wrote and she agreed, saying that she loved to share her happiness with everyone and that “Jizo & Chibi were an example of happiness, freshness and pure thought.”

Here’s what she wrote:  “The more I read about you, becoming Jizo’s mother, the more I feel how lucky I am to be in contact with you and your multiple talents, through this little big one…  I am connecting with the childish aspect of myself hiding a bigger reality… and I am connected by the heart to loving kindness that Jizo represents.  Jizo speaks about the bonding representation of the Teachers we are meeting in our Buddhist life. I feel blessed and happy.  Thank you.”

My happiness in being called Jizo’s mother went to my core.  I did give birth to Jizo & Chibi, as my meditation with Jizo gave birth to the current creative chapter in my life.  I have had many conversations over the years with people who wish they had given birth to children, who are grieving the profound sense of loss that comes from not having children.  In my world, we are all parenting our inner children, each other, and the children (and animals) around us.  When I discovered Jizo, it was as if I had found an untapped resource for a deeper parenting within myself so that I could be of more service in the world.

I hope her words touch you, somehow, as well.  What are you giving birth to at the moment?  What is gestating within you that would like to be born?

Jizo and baby


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  1. Lauren ♥ On Fecund Thought April 23, 2013 at 5:41 pm - Reply

    This is painful, right now, for me to read. My miscarriage is recent, its memory clings to me still. I have a very obvious answer to your question, so I’ll share the less obvious answer:

    I am working on include finding my external sanctuary: my own place with an outdoors living room where I can spend time outside, in the sun, in the shade, to read my books, work, play, entertain al fresco. I’d love it to have a little room where I can paint, make jewellery, and create. I dream of making art and making a living from it, and I’m working on that too. I also dream of finding a circle of friends — mine are scattered all over the world and most don’t know each other. I think it would be so fun to be part of a group of people who were all friends with one another.

    And I’m working on finding my inner sanctuary… watch this space 🙂

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