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Jizo, My Valentine

Valentine’s Day is the designated push for sweethearts.  It’s a day for heart-shaped boxes, long-stemmed roses, and cute cards.

Every February 14th, we flock to florists and chocolatiers like ducks to water in order to engage in what has become the almost ritualistic practice of honoring an individual (or individuals) we romantically admire.

But what do really know about Valentine’s Day?—for most of us, only the following:

  1. It’s a day named after Saint Valentine (a 3rd century Christian martyred in a very unloving fashion)
  2. It’s a day for projecting love and affection

It’s that second part I really want to focus on—love and affection.

Valentine’s Day is about stepping back from the swirling chaos of daily life to pay special heed to the people we love.

That last component is important—the day is about LOVE, and that love need not be romantic. Romance can be an element of love, but romance of and in itself does not equate to love.

As Valentine’s Day is about love, your Valentine need not be a spouse or a beau, it can be your mother, your sister, your father, your neighbor, or anyone you feel great affection for.

In that light, why not make Jizo your Valentine?  She is the protector of women, children and travelers whose vow was to stay on earth until all beings were done suffering.

Connect with her to facilitate inner-peace and self-love. Take that peace and start building a world where compassion, patience, and unabated generosity are more important than profit, status, and social superiority.

This year, instead of gifting the special person (or persons) in your life with cliché cards, tired chocolates, and temporary flowers, try something significant, give the gift of peace—peace of mind, peace of body, and peace of heart.

Each action we take makes a measured difference, no matter the size or scope, and ultimately brings us closer to inner peace and communal peace.

To materially convey your gift, consider the Jizo pendant as a way to gently touch upon the importance of the process of seeking peace, and help awaken a little bit of Earth within someone you love.

Use the Jizo pendant to help your loved ones stay grounded as we psychologically turn the corner toward Spring, the season of birth and renewal, when Mother Earth unleashes new life and energy into our world.


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