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Jizo & Chibi by Word of Hat?

I will try and tell you about what it was like to be part of the DPA Emmy Gift Lounge in Hollywood the past three days.  Last year, I didn’t even know what “swag” was, and it didn’t sound good.  I am happy to tell you, I was wrong.  For me, it meant giving gifts to people who give us the gift of entertainment.  It was a celebration of gratitude and good will.  The honor of telling Jizo & Chibi’s story to creative, funny, warm and wise artists will take me months to fully embrace.

Michael Weatherly of CBS's NCIS at the Jizo and Chibi Pre-Emmy Gift Suite

Michael Weatherly keeping it cool.

Nathalie Dubois created a beautiful experience for all of us on the Terrace of Argyle Salon and Spa at Sunset Tower Hotel.  Her unique sense of style, her choice of products and services (Nina Skarra whose dresses are worn by royalty, jewelry by Ruchi at RGK D’Zines, Eva Varro’s clothing, Chiaya Designs) included us, Jizo & Chibi — jewelry, statues and children’s books for your soul.  When the photographers clicked away at the nominees holding my Jizo statue as if it were their award, well, I felt I had received an award.  …and they told me it made them feel peaceful, calm, protected.

Every actor, writer, producer, director, executive, mommy, daddy and child I encountered received Jizo & Chibi with a warmth, a soulful connection, that convinced me that our path is a true one.

The child and teen stars were telling their moms, “I’m your Chibi, mom!”  Since we were outside in the hot sun, the men wore Jizo & Chibi’s baseball caps.  Someone told me they had seen my hat at dinner that night and at a panel at the Director’s Guild, joking that Jizo & Chibi would become known quickly BY WORD OF HAT!   My books went home for bedtime stories: “Why a Fly?” about Zen koans (unanswerable questions) and “What I Heard & What You Said” about how to listen and hear one another.

If you haven’t read about Jizo & Chibi yet, please visit us at www.jizoandchibi.com and click on Our Story!  And if you feel like shopping, join our mailing list and use the coupon code JIZOWELCOMES to save 25% off your purchase.  Well, that’s about it for now.  I think I used up all the words in the telling and re-telling of our story.


Until next time, we send you warm wishes for your journey through the days.
— Valerie, Jizo & Chibi — “bring home a piece of inner peace”

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