In Honor of St. Valentine, a Ruby Jizo

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In Honor of St. Valentine, a Ruby Jizo

Ruby is the stone of the heart and the breath, of love and life.  It is revered for removing roadblocks to intimacy. It is believed that a ruby can heal a blocked root chakra, which may manifest as a sense of not belonging.

Jizo helps you open to new life and new connections.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if the unity of Jizo and the ruby could help someone to know love and eliminate feelings of isolation? 

Jizo is the Earth Womb; the protector of women, of children and travelers.  Jizo holds us and our loved ones safely, grounding us whatever life (or Valentine’s Day) throws our way.

Give someone a heart-ful gift …with wishes for a safe path home.  Let’s send a warm thought to all sentient beings this Valentine’s Day. Let’s not wait,  let’s do it now.

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