How to Write a Letter to God

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How to Write a Letter to God

Letting go, detaching, is powerful medicine.

Let me start by saying, I did not invent this letter. I have taught it to hundreds of people who have never learned how to structure letting go so that it works for them.  

Here is the format:

Date: _______

Dear Universe, god, God, Higher Power, hp, goddess, Creator, Jizo, Buddha, Jesus, etc etc… (whatever you choose)

I am powerless over _______, _______, _______, (people, feelings of anger, depression, fear, whatever it is that you have tried to control and can’t).

I would like to believe that you can help, just for today.

So, please take these things, as I cannot handle them without you… and so that I may be of service in the world.



Next, read the letter aloud. While you do so, cup your hands as if to catch raindrops and imagine placing these people, feelings, things, whatever you cannot control or change, into your hands. Then, when you say, “please take these things,” extend your hands out,  up and away from you. Then, fold the letter into thirds and place it in a box. This is often called a GodBox, whatever you wish to call it, it does not matter.

Now comes the important work. If that person, situation, feeling arises during the day, turn to it with your mind and say, “You are in the box, I have let you go.” Do this as many times a day as you need to. Use it as a means to pause and stop the thinking, obsessing, worrying, craving, whatever it is that is upsetting to you.

Do this for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days. At the end of three months, sit down in a quiet place and read these letters as you shred them (or turn them into a best-selling ebook). Notice that many of the things you have let go of in this simple manner are no longer hurting you. Notice what is still persistent. For those things, continue on with this practice for as long as you need.

For me, this is the work of a lifetime. Expecting to become perfect or never have things that disturb us may not be a reasonable expectation, but learning to live a more manageable life without so many fruitless efforts at control may be the solution we desire.  Whatever “god” is for you, here is it meant to be Anything Greater than Your Ego, an inner source of strength.

The best example of this I ever saw was a woman who called me for help. I could not work with her, I was full-up. I gave her some names and numbers and I suggested she write a letter like this one. She was suffering enough to be willing to try anything. She called me months later to let me know that she had a perfect bill of health from her doctors after years of struggle and illness.

Letting go is powerful medicine.

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