How to Resist Christmas Cravings? Sit Still!

//How to Resist Christmas Cravings? Sit Still!

How to Resist Christmas Cravings? Sit Still!

Suzuki Roshi said there is no better instruction for how to meditate than just “Sit Still.”

Buddha said there is no greater suffering than craving.  In fact, his definition of Hell was just that:  craving, desiring, hankering, longing.  And, yes, he also said, “Life is difficult.”  (Not Scott Peck.  Scott just repeated it the way I just did.)

Yes, life is difficult.  Resisting cravings, especially this time of year, feels nearly impossible.  Pumpkin pie cheesecake?  Oh, Jizo, help me!

What are your cravings? Do you give in to every one? Christmas cookies?  Candy?  Huge meals?  Shopping?  Going into debt?  Over-spending to find PERFECT presents to make loved ones perfectly happy?  Feeling edgy and want to take the edge off?

That’s where Jizo comes in.  Sit Still in the Cravings.  Take a deep breath and imagine your tiny, inner self, your Chibi, climbing into Jizo’s arms.  Just rest.  Rest.  Rest.

We’ll discuss further at another time.  Right now I have to sit still.


Jizo holds an infant…and Chibi

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