How to let go of fear, a Jizo visualization

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How to let go of fear, a Jizo visualization

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Our minds are full of thoughts, many of which do not serve us well, even causing physical and emotional pain, unnecessarily. We long for healing but our habitual thoughts block our progress at every turn. We have expectations of permanent change instead of accepting that we are works-in-progress.

How can we let go of those destructive thoughts? Let’s begin. With a deep breath… relaxing as we exhale… we will begin to release a distortion of something we made bigger – more catastrophic – in our heads than it is in reality.  Breathing in and breathing out, notice where we are tense and where we are relaxed and resting.  Feel the breath as it flows in, and out, and in, and out.

Notice if there is discomfort in the body.  Let your attention rest on the discomfort and notice your thoughts and feelings.  Oftentimes, as we begin to feel fear, our thoughts may run away with us to the catastrophic, worsening the pain.

Noting the pain or discomfort, allow yourself to slow the thoughts and emotions and bring a smile to each exhalation.  There is nothing to fight, there is nothing to change.  In this moment, we meet ourselves as we are.

Now, notice where in your body you do not feel pain. Let your attention rest there. If there is a pull back to the pain or discomfort, take note of it, but do not judge yourself for it. Your mind is used to jumping on the wheel of fear, of catastrophe, and running with anxious thoughts. Even if you are not aware of the thinking, you may find over time that the sensations are connected to fearful or angry thoughts. We don’t have to understand them right now, we just have to practice awareness and release… awareness and release.

Picture the Jizo and his robes. Picture climbing inside the robes and resting.  Feel the sensation of resting in the arms of Mother Earth.  Rest in the sensation of complete protection.  …just rest.

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