Hello, Keywords? Hello Jizo.

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Hello, Keywords? Hello Jizo.

What?  Aw, crap.

In meditation this morning Chibi fell off the shrine and on to the sketch pad:  “Oh, no!” Chibi cried, like the 1950s-style comics that used to run on Sunset Boulevard in the ’80’s that read “I forgot to have children!”

My Chibi cried, “I forgot to use keywords!  Key. Words! I heard about them but I forgot them, the dog ate them, they were here and now they aren’t and and and…”

“And what, little one,” I asked.

“So no one will ever find me,” she said. He said. We said. We must must use them in the first paragraph. And we must wear a white hat! And we must say “Buddhist Jewelry” and “Jewelry for Expectant Mothers” and “Jewelry for Frequent Flyers” and “Jizo the Protector” and and and …

Gosh, but Chibi is sounding a lot like Piglet this morning, which is really okay. Kind of funny. I mean what if I have been writing all this stuff just for the exercise of writing and using my voice and nobody can find me?

Maybe I was writing all of this for me, anyway. Maybe you are all just part of my dream. Or not.
Good morning, Chibi. Good morning, Jizo, please hold the baby safe as we head out into another Monday.


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