Harvey and Harvey, The Baby in Jizo’s Arms

//Harvey and Harvey, The Baby in Jizo’s Arms

Harvey and Harvey, The Baby in Jizo’s Arms

In the movie Harvey, starring James Stewart, he has an invisible friend, a puka, who is a 6-foot-tall rabbit. In college, it was one of my favorite old films to watch.

Coincidentally, I have a friend who grew up in Harvey, Illinois. She had an invisible friend when she was little: a small, fuzzy bunny who sat at the top of the stairs while her totally crazy family raged on. One of her survival skills was to look up the stairwell and there was her bunny, watching over her … ah, peace.

I have a an invisible/visible friend: Jizo Bodhisattva. When life is totally crazy and raging on, when the news delivers things I don’t want to believe are possible, unimaginable suffering (man’s inhumanity to man is neverending)… I grab my inner kid, my Chibi, and climb into the arms of a 6-foot-tall energy mass called Jizo and I whisper, Jizo, hold the baby safe.

Invariably, it works.


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