Getting Grounded and Getting Out the Vote

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Getting Grounded and Getting Out the Vote

I am a Washingtonian.  This means I care about government.  I care about what happens to us as a nation.  As a child, dinnertime was spent discussing international economics.  I worry about us not taking care of this country so that future generations may thrive.

In the op-ed pages of the New York Times last month, Charles M. Blow wrote there are 90 million “unlikely voters”:  people who are unregistered and unlikely to vote.  In a USA Today poll, 43% of them said they would vote for President Obama, if they voted.  Only 14% said they would vote for Romney.

The answer is clear.

I am asking everyone: please, speak to the people you love.  Ask if they are registered to vote.  Tell them we need their help.  We are all interdependent in meaningful ways and we have to help one another get into action.

If I had a list of those 90 million who are not registered, I would get on the phone and start calling.  Whenever I got someone to commit to voting, I would pass them a list of another 1,000 unregistered potential voters.  Whenever they convinced someone to register and vote, they would pass forward another 1,000 names.  Imagine.  We’d be talking to one another.  And Tweeting, Facebooking and Linking-in.  If we all called 1,000 people and spoke to them from our hearts, maybe we could insure that America is not for sale to the 1%.
We may not be happy with Obama, but he is the best we’ve got.  We may think our vote does not matter, but it does.

Feel the ground beneath your feet, America.  Where’s that list?  Let’s get on the phone.

I’ll talk to you soon.


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