Destressing for the Holiday Season, Today

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Destressing for the Holiday Season, Today

Hi all.

As I therapist, I have heard my patients begin to worry about the holidays as early as, well, about the time the lights go up in Bloomingdale’s, which is now in September.

Even if you are not a worrier, there is a level of Shoulds, of stress, of pressure that our society places on Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas and New Years that creeps up, quietly, when we begin thinking about whether or not to go home for the holidays, who is cooking, are we alone, were we alone last year — the little thoughts are endless. I am committed to working the muscles of my mind now so that when Thanksgiving Day shows up, or Black Friday or Cyber Monday or whatever, that I will be in the Now as much as possible, while making plans effectively and with love.  I know folks who freak out for Hallowe’en if they don’t have a place to wear their costume, if no one wants to dress up with them.  In other words, we can get really, really lonely and crazy this time of year!

In the spirit of this, I am going to have a series of blogs on mindfulness and holidays, on shoulds and needs, wants and have-tos, beginning now.

In preparation for this, I am also having a sale on my website — 40% off on everything.  So, that if you wish to shop early, peacefully, with emotional balance, then you can do so with me.  Maybe that will even encourage you to give more to charity, to give gifts that have meaning, like Jizo & Chibi do.

Sure you can give a sparkly gift, but how about a gift that teaches and reminds us about mindful living?  As the Bodhisattva of Vows, as the Earth Womb Bodhisattva, Jizo awakens the part of us that touches the earth, that commits to patience and lovingkindness.

Please consider giving a gift like Jizo to someone you love.  Give a gift that gives peace, that serves as a reminder to stay focused, in the Now…and kindly.


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