Circum-Respiration Meditation: Breathing in a Circle

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Circum-Respiration Meditation: Breathing in a Circle

In this meditation, you will learn to practice circum-respiration, breathing in a circle. While this may be just a breathing practice, it is enhanced immeasurably if you focus your heart on Jizo Bodhisattva, the Buddhist protector, holding a safe place within you for Chibi, the little one; your inner child.

Breathe in a circle

Know that you are held safely in this moment; loved within this sacred circle held by Jizo, just as your most vulnerable self is safe and warm and loved within the circle of your breath.

Jizo breathing in a circle with Chibi

Sit comfortably. Soften your gaze. Breathe naturally without trying to control your breath. Begin to paint a circle with two fingers, see the brushstroke moving softly and feel your breath join the circle. Gradually, bring your breath into the shape of the circle, rounding the top and bottom of the breath. When you feel your eyes wanting to close, close them with a smile. Let

your breathing return to normal.

Open your eyes to a soft gaze and paint the circle, again and again, clockwise. See the brushstroke softly painting and feel your breath join the circle. Let your eyes follow the circle. No strain, no stress. Switch to your inner eyes, if you like. Let your breath gently keep pace with your eyes. Feel your breath rise and curve as you inhale, and lower and curve as you exhale, easily moving around the circle. Keep circling gently, no stops, no catches, just slow simple circles.

Let the circle enclose you in peace

After 10 breaths in each direction, switch back and forth, clockwise and counterclockwise, as feels right to you. Let the feelings of safety, warmth, and love flow over you. When thoughts arise, do not judge them, just let them be as you focus back on the breath, on the circle you are painting. Let the circle enclose you in calm, soothing, safety and peace.

Whenever you wish, lie down and imagine you are lying within the robes of Jizo, safe and protected. …and know that you are going to get a good nights’ sleep tonight.

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