Celebrate Jizo & Chibi with 25% off

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Celebrate Jizo & Chibi with 25% off

Where do I begin? By wishing each of you a day that is free from suffering and the root of all suffering. Yes. That’s a good start.

Now to the news. We are just launching Jizo & Chibi – www.jizoandchibi.com featuring several new jewelry designs and art, as well as new Jizo statues. Creating the pieces and now seeing them going out into the world is an experience I would like to try and put into words. In order to save between now and Mother’s Day, 2010, simply use the coupon code BUDDHABDAY, in celebration of Buddha’s birthday, which no Buddhist country agrees upon. Since I discovered Jizo in Kyoto, Japan, I went with Japan’s birthdate.

Why a Fly” is launching any day! My second children’s book that is also for adults too. This is the first book where Jizo teaches Chibi about compassion, helping to alleviate the Little One’s suffering.

The mommy bloggers have are loving us! We have been featured by Blommi.com, Bonggamom, 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires, with more reviews coming. People are beginning to talk and they are saying the kindest things about their experiences with Jizo and Chibi. We are even starting to appear in searches relating to Buddhism and Jizo Bodhisattva. One woman ordered her Chibi with the white topaz in the chain (a star for Chibi to wish on) after her first book was nominated for an award. She wrote to me When I show my friends my necklace, I am honoring the little girl inside me that always wanted to be a writer, but was afraid to fail. She tells me that eyes inevitably fill with tears of happiness when she says that her Chibi represents that little girl. Another woman, seven months pregnant, told me that when she wears her tiny gold Jizo it feels that she and her baby are safe and protected.

Welcome to all new Chibis into the world. Welcome to the adults who are just beginning a path to awareness…or seeking a talisman to help guide them to a safer place within themselves.

With palms together, I wish you all awareness of Spring, of beginnings!

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  1. Lu June 16, 2010 at 3:11 pm - Reply

    Your necklaces are so charming, and they get so much cuter over time. Your stuff “grows” a beautiful patina after a while. It’s like it takes on a soul when it’s worn.

    I love your stuff!

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