Catching your breath on Thanksgiving: dealing with stress

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Catching your breath on Thanksgiving: dealing with stress

If you don’t get wound up for Thanksgiving you won’t have to unwind — much less go on a diet — a few days later.  The day is coming though, and I am hearing the litany of obligations, pressures, worries and stress.

Let’s take a moment to breathe. Breathe in and breathe out, noticing the sounds around us.  Let’s bring our focus to the breathing— belly rising, belly falling.  Just notice.

Notice where your shoulders are, and smile.  Allow them to fall back into place.  As they rest, did you take a deep sighing breath?  If so, you may be defrosting from tension.

Visualize the imaginary Imax-sized calendar on the wall.  Notice what happens when you look toward Thanksgiving.  Traveling somewhere with everyone else?  Notice your shoulders.  Notice your breath.  Notice your feelings, your thoughts.

Notice today.  Notice right now.  Thanksgiving is not here yet.  Or, depending on when you are reading this, it’s already passed.  Look to Christmas?  Hanukah?  New Year’s?  Breathe and come back to the now.

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