Broken Bones and Necessary Pain (aka The Busted Toe Diaries)

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Broken Bones and Necessary Pain (aka The Busted Toe Diaries)

I learned another thing the hard way (is there really any other way?).

When a broken bone is mending, there are times when it hurts, suddenly and badly, as part of the healing process.

I was struck by the metaphor of how we cannot mend unless we face the painful things in our lives.  This idea feels too short for a blog and too long for a haiku, but that’s all there is to it.

You face the broken stuff and it hurts and then it heals, a little.  Face it some more, it hurts a little more.  Sometimes when we are in pain, it means we are healing.

Most  of us equate pain with a problem, not with a good thing.  Go figure.

I wonder what else I will learn?  I hope I don’t have to break another toe to learn it.  My husband says I have nine more chances to learn (nine more toes to break) whatever I need to learn in order to wear shoes when doing household chores.

Feeling sorry for myself, even though my doc said it could have been “much worse,” I sought images of others who had suffered, seeking a kind of kinship.  It helped!  Wow, but there are hundreds of people limping along the information highway with bandages on their feet.  No matter what we are going through, we have to keep going.Blessings on Google Search

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