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Steps to Peaceful, Collaborative Conflict Resolution

These steps are courtesy of K.W. Thomas’ work, Introduction to conflict management, which I am cutting and pasting rather than stealing.  It was tempting, as they are nicely said. As I have written before, it’s hard to do collaborative conflict resolution.  It’s hard to risk being wrong, being shown that you have made a mistake.  From [...]

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Helping the Animals of the Moore Tornado

Sometimes there are surprises when I choose stillness.  I opted out of Memorial Day traffic this morning and was on posting in my jizoandchibi Facebook sangha, when a box appeared from my friend Christina Parker, adding me to a group.  I always opt out of groups immediately.  Too distracting.  This one, however, cried out for [...]

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Getting Grounded in High Conflict: Being Right by Being Wrong

In compassionate meditation, I face my inner conflicts.  In my relationships, those conflicts come to life when I feel threatened that I am at risk of losing something, being wrong, getting called out. Collaborative couples therapy is about teaching people to communicate by engaging without 1) attacking; 2) defending; or 3) withdrawing.  This is not [...]

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Mistake After Mistake After Mistake…

Here’s the Zen Joke.  I wrote a great piece, which was not the piece I meant to write, and I SO enjoyed writing it… and then my computer went ka-blooey and a little Apple Pinwheel spun around and around and everything froze.  I had to force-quit without saving the piece.  So, all I have is [...]

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