People are already pressuring themselves with "What do you want for Christmas?"  Even people who don't celebrate Christmas feel it.  The decorations went up before Halloween.  And can you hear those jingle bells revving up?  It can feel more like the Indianapolis 500 than peace and love. This year, when someone asks you what you want for Christmas, think big.  Shop local, but think Global.  Maybe give to the Red Cross for the healing of our East Coast wounded by Superstorm Sandy.  Give to Heifer International and buy a family in a developing country a goat or chicken to help them start a family business.  Give to any charity that makes your heart swell with peace.  Or visit your local shops and give small business a helping hand. There are so many different ways to give. There is giving a friend a moment of meditation, giving time to listen to someone in need, or giving your hand to someone who is carrying too much. When you drift into Taking, Give yourself a breath and consider: "What can I bring to this moment" instead of "What can I get?" So, for the holidays, I wish you a sense of the precious ground beneath your feet.  If you consider mindfulness and run from it as impossible, consider Jizo, the Earth Womb, the Bodhisattva who represents the earth beneath our feet, holding us safely on our journey, whether physical or metaphysical.