Twenty years ago, when I was feeling burned out from working far too many patient hours, I sought out information about what was called the Seeds of Simplicity movement.

They had a website, back when almost no one had a website.  They had pamphlets about curing your kids of the Gimmes for the holidays.  I used to put their literature in my lobby around this time of year.

Now, when you type into a browser, nobody is home.  If you type .org you get Quakers.  So, I Googled Simplicity and Gimmes and found a book about it.  Here is the link to the page on Seeds of Simplicity.


Please check it out.  Let Simplicity be your holiday theme.  Let charity mean more than another pair of earrings.  Though you can get earrings at Jizo & Chibi for 25% using the code JIZOWELCOMES.  Argh.  So strange to say it, but my life is about living simply and yet living with a business that requires me to Sell Spiritual Jewelry.  Go figure.  I just could not resist writing these in the same paragraph, it is a Real Time example of the pull to simplify and the pull to get stuff, even really great stuff.

I wish you well on the path.