Jizo, Buddha and The Second Step

The integration of The Twelve Steps with Buddhism has become increasingly popular, as mindfulness continues to cross over from "spiritual philosophy" to practical, every day self-care. This morning, it dawned on me that the words Buddha spoke upon his awakening were very much like those of people in 12 Step programs who have taken the 2nd [...]

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How to Wear Your Jizo

Recently, I took time to read my blogs.  I was surprised to read pages and pages of my words.  Seriously. Yet I could not find any mention by me about how to use your Jizo pendant to get centered, as if there is any one way to relate to a Bodhisattva.  Still, my Jizo is designed in three sizes, Tiny (1/2"),  Middle Way (3/4")  and Noble (1").  He has weight to him.  He is rounded.  His touch is meant to be soothing.  I am a little high-maintenance in the anxiety department, so I usually wear two at a time.  One silver, one gold. [...]
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