The Middle Way to Start the Day

I always plan to meditate in the morning before going onto my phone, laptop or iPad. That way, I find the middle before being pulled in any of the other four directions.  I once heard someone say that they had never met a day that could not start 20 minutes earlier -- which is to say, there is always time for mindfulness, reflection, writing, drawing, centering.  I imagine my busy mind climbing into the arms of Jizo's grounding nature and then... I listen. [...]
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JizoTherapy: Getting on the Path to Mindfulness and the Cognitive Choice

Who is Jizo?  Or first, what is cognition?  Or maybe the first question is, what is mindfulness? Most of us want to cut to the chase.  We want results and we want them now.  When we can't get what we want, we get anxious, depressed, angry.  And if we get there, we want to Stay There and Never Change. But all of the above is impossible. So, let's all take a breath and slow down.  [...]
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Wile E. Coyote, Jizo and Mindful Groundlessness

First, I wonder if anyone is reading this. I just spent half an hour Googling "Does Anyone Read My Blog?" and wandering around inside WordPress trying to find the stats page.  I couldn't.  Next week, I will talk with my tech goddess and she will teach me.  I am sure someone has figured out how to stalk and count those who read blogs. Meantime, I am meditating about Wile E. Coyote.  When I think of groundlessness, I think of watching him run off of innumerable cliffs for 30 years.  [...]
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Jizo Therapy: The Christmas Shoulds

Take a breath.  Another one.  Another one. Take a moment to notice on the calendar what day you are in.  Smile as you exhale and realize:  it's not Christmas.  It's not Hanukah.  Not Kwanzaa.  Not New Year's.  It's today, some time in autumn, likely, when you are reading this. Now, look at the week of the holidays.  Notice what happens inside your belly.  Your shoulders.  Your thoughts. [...]
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What Do You Want for Christmas? Mindfulness and JizoTherapy

People are already pressuring themselves with "What do you want for Christmas?"  Even people who don't celebrate Christmas feel it.  The decorations went up before Halloween.  And can you hear those jingle bells revving up?  It can feel more like the Indianapolis 500 than peace and love. This year, when someone asks you what you want for Christmas, think big.  Shop local, but think Global.  [...]
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Catching your breath on Thanksgiving: dealing with stress

If you don't get wound up for Thanksgiving you won't have to unwind -- much less go on a diet -- a few days later.  The day is coming though, and I am hearing the litany of obligations, pressures, worries and stress. Let's take a moment to breathe. Breathe in and breathe out, noticing the sounds around us.  Let's bring our focus to the breathing-- belly rising, belly falling.  Just notice. [...]
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Jizo and November’s Birthstone

Happy Birthday to those who love the November born.  Their birthday is the topaz, considered the stone of the seeker.  Give the gift of a birthstone Jizo to your beloved November-baby.  Topaz is also considered the stone of Sagittarius, all the way into December!  Find him at www.jizoandchibi.com.  What could be better than a gift [...]

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How to deal with Holiday Stress: Jizo Therapy

By the time you read this you will likely be more anxious than when I wrote it.  It's Hallowe'en. You've likely been busy with costumes, candy, kids... or thinking you should be.  And that is just the beginning. Less than two months away is Christmas. A few weeks away is Thanksgiving. And, yes, some folks are already depressed or stressed-out about what is expected of them at Thanksgiving. I apologize if I have raised your stress level in order to lower it even more. [...]
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Jizo Therapy: Releasing Tension in Every Cell

We are a tense gang, us Americans.  Most of us are wound incredibly tight and we don't even know it.  We are driven, programmed from early on, to achieve success, happiness, and more success. When we don't achieve this Utopia that we have been encouraged to seek, we struggle.  We suffer.  We brace against disappointment.  We hurt, physically and emotionally.  Our inner world is one way and it often does not line up with the way we have been told our outer world should look.  We are conflicted, out of balance between our inner lives and our outer lives.  It's been called the Tyranny of the Shoulds.  We should go to college.  We should get married.  We should live a good life and look good while we do it. [...]
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JizoTherapy for children: Overcoming tantrums with awareness

I listen to people.  Often, they tell me they are anxious, afraid of the unknown.  And many don't even know that they are anxious -- just "uncomfortable" and looking for ways to get out of the discomfort. Kids get anxious, too.  And when they do, they usually don't talk about it.  Instead, they rev up and hit a sibling, write on the wall with crayon, melt down when they cannot have candy at the store, crash and burn with "gimme" or sob like they are dying when you leave to run an errand.  They have feelings and they don't know what to DO with them. [...]
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