I Can’t Sit Still!

In order for us to develop a relationship with our innermost self, we need quiet time.  Many of my patients laugh when I suggest that they get up early enough to try meditating consistently.  "Getting and staying quiet is impossible," the ego says.  [...]
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Love Your Annoyances? Impossible?

This took me a long, long, long time to learn and will surely take only a moment to say here.  Tension causes a huge number of physical ailments and confronting yucky feelings can help release tension. How do we do that?  The mind wants a quick trick, a fast way to be better. But this is A Process Thing.  And when we get frustrated with the imperfection of the process, more tension results.   [...]
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On Social Anxiety…You Are What You Think

A dear friend asked me about social anxiety today and as I wrote back, I thanked her for giving me my next blog: Social anxiety is so sad. I have had it, too, at times. I remember a time when I felt I literally had grown three dress sizes in an hour. I felt so terrible about myself that I did not want to dress to go to a party. [...]
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Mindfulness, Touching Base in a Friendly Way

When we have a thought, do we respond to it as though it were true? Do we believe that our feelings tell us what is true about the world? Two big buzzwords these days are Emotional Dysregulation. It assumes that normal is, say, in the range of middle C, within an octave either higher or lower in pitch. If you fly up and down the keyboard, triggered throughout the day, scattered on the mind's 88 piano keys then you often need help to keep you closer to center. [...]
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Destressing for the Holiday Season, Today

Hi all. As I therapist, I have heard my patients begin to worry about the holidays as early as, well, about the time the lights go up in Bloomingdale's, which is now in September. Even if you are not a worrier, there is a level of Shoulds, of stress, of pressure that our society places on Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas and New Years that creeps up, quietly, when we begin thinking about whether or not to go home for the holidays, who is cooking, are we alone, were we alone last year — the little thoughts are endless. [...]
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Basho and His Words, Jizo & Seeking Peace

"Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; seek what they sought."  ~ Basho I have used beautiful quotes of Basho's for a long time.  And while I loved his words, I did not know anything about the man, the poet.  It is in grounding myself in my Jizo-experience that I able to be curious about the source of words, the source of ideas I had taken for granted.  Maybe I am seeing a little more deeply, patiently? [...]
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Creative Living With All Your Might

For me, J.D. Salinger was a bit of a Zen Master. [...]
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Jizo Therapy: Bringing Mindfulness to the Yoga Mat

I just had to get off the yoga mat to write this down this morning. I had not, until this very moment, internalized lovingkindness while I was doing yoga, or aerobics or Pilates mat work. I am always pushing myself to do longer asanas, more reps, better form. [...]
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On Being Jizo’s Mother

I had a remarkable exchange recently with a Canadian woman who bid on one of my Noble Jizo's during Shambhala Sun's auction, Bidding for Good.  It made me wonder what each of us is giving birth to at the present moment... and what may be gestating within us that would like to be born. [...]
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Let’s Aim for a Shot at Peace

I am praying for peace as I write this, hoping that we aren't too lazy and distracted to go up against the National Rifle Association as we mourn our country's latest victims of gun violence. When I started writing these pieces, I was advised that I should not write about political issues. Jizo & Chibi, mindfulness and psychotherapy, grief and anxiety and stress were my focus.  Writing about political things would take me 'off message' and hurt my 'brand.' But mindfulness is not a brand.  It is being awake.  To be enlightened is not some amazing act at the top of a mountain in Nepal, it is to be awake and compassionate to whatever the present moment is for any of us. [...]
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