I Hate My Husband, I Hate My Wife: Healing through The F*ck You Letter

There is an underbelly to our most intimate relationships: the dark side of love. When people announce they are getting married, we might give our condolences along with our congratulations to offer a more holistic picture of the institution. Until then, let's work out some of the awful kinks. [...]
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The Dark Side of Marriage

This could be a book. But right now I don't have time to write it, and you might not have time to read it, so I'll just send out postcards, aka blog posts, for now. I've been seeing families, couples and individuals for almost 25 years now, and I am sure of a few things, not many, but a few.  One is that most marriages fail because nobody tells us about the dark side of love, the dark side of parenting, the dark side of aging, the dark side of working hard. [...]
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Hate to Meditate? Try Tapping into Jizo

In the ongoing quest to mend our anxious minds, many of us are drawn to meditation. Once we begin, we find that we fidget, we get sleepy, we get bored. We don't do it right, we fail, we quit, we start again only to quit again. Our expectations of finding peace are not met and we think we have failed. We want to be grounded, we want to detach, but we can't -- or if we do, it only lasts until the next car cuts us off on the freeway, someone disappoints us or we have a craving for chocolate. Accepting that the ground within us is always in motion, like weather patterns, is difficult. After all, our psyche is invisible to us. [...]
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The Trauma Body: Stopping to Listen

A voice arises often in my meditation. And when the same phrase is repeated, quietly, periodically, urgently, I pause and write it down. I don't ignore my Muse. "There is a screaming child in the body of America," she told me. [...]
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Harvey and Harvey, The Baby in Jizo’s Arms

In the movie Harvey, starring James Stewart, he has an invisible friend, a puka, who is a 6-foot-tall rabbit. In college, it was one of my favorite old films to watch. [...]
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Jizo Porn? Shall I Laugh? Cry? Cringe?

I'm reading the web through different eyes. I'm thinking (which isn't always such a good idea) that I'm not using the right words to get Jizo into the mainstream of American consciousness. I just visited a site I was almost afraid to see: cabinporn.com. I thought it might be real porn, shot in cabins. Who knows? Still, I trusted the person who had it on their Facebook page. It was a lovely site. Nothing pornographic, in the 1990 definition of porn, completely pornographic in the 2014 popular way of catching your attention with the word. Clearly, from all the E-Commerce reports I have read about Jizo & Chibi, I know people love my work if they know who Jizo is.  Unfortunately, most people don't know. [...]
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A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Writing A Memoir

A funny thing happened when I decided to write a memoir of my journey of photographing, meditating and knowing Jizo. For years, I was on what I guess you would call a spiritual path, a seeking kind of thing. It started when I was 8 years old but heated up in my late 20's. [...]
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Jizo Therapy: Kintsugi and The Broken Places

A funny thing happens after sitting in meditation for a long time, gazing at my Jizos, who are gazing back at the not-me — my mind becomes at ease. I promise it only took around 20 years for me to stop controlling my breath and just let it be. For years, my mind would always go straight to, "Am I doing this right?  Can I let go the breath?" There was usually a resounding, "No, you're breathing is all wrong."  Sigh. I am not certain of the time, perhaps it was at Webster College in 1972, John Lennon and Yoko Ono were on TV, was it Dick Cavett? Or maybe David Frost? Yoko brought a broken tea cup to mend a piece of each day of the interview.  I liked the metaphor; a seed was planted.  It lay there a long, long time. [...]
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Your Body Needs Breath, Not Magic

The other morning in yoga, my instructor, Dakota Lupo, said something that made me laugh out loud.  I am a little careful now about when I laugh aloud in yoga because once I laughed at something a new instructor said — she was funny — and she glared at me. She said, "Yoga is serious." Well.  Hmph. [...]
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Jizo’s Mom and A Wish for All Mothers

For Mother's Day, I wish to remember Jizo's mom.  A few of my readers and visitors have called me Jizo's mom, but he was created over 2,500 years ago, in a land far, far from Los Angeles.  In seeking out stories of [...]
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