Buddhism 101: The Bodhisattva and Jizo

Bodhisattva. For the non-Buddhist, it is almost certainly a foreign term.  Maybe you recall the name of an old Steely Dan album, at best. Put simply, bodhisattva is “a Sanskrit term for anyone or anything motivated by great compassion.” It is a combination of two separate Sanskrit concepts: Bodhi—meaning awakening or enlightenment Sattva—meaning existence, reality [...]

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Jizo, Buddha and The Second Step

The integration of The Twelve Steps with Buddhism has become increasingly popular, as mindfulness continues to cross over from "spiritual philosophy" to practical, every day self-care. This morning, it dawned on me that the words Buddha spoke upon his awakening were very much like those of people in 12 Step programs who have taken the 2nd [...]

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Jizo Therapy: Awakening to Money as Metaphor

Today in my meditation, I was gazing at my Jizo and he was gazing back.  The thought drifted through my mind that money is not money.  Money is not money.  Money is not money.  It flowed through my mind, once, twice...  I took a deep breath and as I exhaled, I heard Money is Perceived Safety.  Money is perceived Worth.  Self-worth.  It is what most people worry about.  It is an anxiety delivery vehicle. [...]
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Jizo Therapy: Encountering Hatred with Compassion

Meet Jason. I am embarrassed to admit I hate him. His name is not really Jason. That would not be kind.  Hating him is bad enough. Jason somehow finds me in yoga class and throws his mat down too close to mine. Not just once, but for four weekends in a row. The first week, I did not give it a lot of thought. He was painfully new to the practice and -- in my annoyed opinion -- did not belong in the front of a crowded room. In many yoga practices, the newbies stand toward the back so they can watch and learn. He had enthusiasm, though. I could feel him trying for 90 minutes without remit. [...]
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Helping the Animals of the Moore Tornado

Sometimes there are surprises when I choose stillness.  I opted out of Memorial Day traffic this morning and was on posting in my jizoandchibi Facebook sangha, when a box appeared from my friend Christina Parker, adding me to a group.  I always opt out of groups immediately.  Too distracting.  This one, however, cried out for action.  It was for charity - for the injured and abandoned animals of the Moore tornado.  I knew immediately that I must donate and then spread the word.  I hope you will click here....to help. [...]
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Creative Living With All Your Might

For me, J.D. Salinger was a bit of a Zen Master. [...]
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JizoTherapy, Taming the Monkey Mind with Compassion

I could never "successfully" meditate until finding my Jizo.  Maybe I was too young, maybe my ego could not surrender to the process (likely it really hasn't even now but there has been some progress). What I have found is that the grounding aspect of Jizo, whose Sanskrit name - Ksitigarbha - means Earth Womb, activated an archetype within me that allowed for a sense of Universal Groundedness.  Allow me some metaphysical, maybe magical, thinking here.  So long as the ego was in charge of my meditation, it resisted emptiness.  There was something nihilistic about my approach. [...]
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