Buddhism 101: The Bodhisattva and Jizo

Bodhisattva. For the non-Buddhist, it is almost certainly a foreign term.  Maybe you recall the name of an old Steely Dan album, at best. Put simply, bodhisattva is “a Sanskrit term for anyone or anything motivated by great compassion.” It is a combination of two separate Sanskrit concepts: Bodhi—meaning awakening or enlightenment Sattva—meaning existence, reality [...]

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Harvey and Harvey, The Baby in Jizo’s Arms

In the movie Harvey, starring James Stewart, he has an invisible friend, a puka, who is a 6-foot-tall rabbit. In college, it was one of my favorite old films to watch. [...]
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Releasing Tension: A Jizo & Chibi Dialogue

So, Chibi has a stomachache. (Note to new readers: Chibi means "little one" in Japanese.  For this author it includes all children and inner kids, as well.) Chibi usually feels great on the weekends, but by Sunday night or maybe Monday or Tuesday, Chibi gets a stomachache. Or a headache. Or a backache. Let's assume Chibi has been to the doctor for all kinds of tests and, huh, how weird, nothing is very wrong. "But something FEELS wrong," says Chibi, "and I HURT!"  Chibi takes the problem to Jizo, who is the protector of all living things, especially children.  [...]
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What’s a Chibi? A Little One.

Chibi, which means "little one" in Japanese, is the main character in my books, "What I Heard & What You Said" and "Why a Fly?".  I created jewelry designs from my first illustrations, a childlike figure floating on a chain that can stand upright, lie down sideways or do a head stand. [...]
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What I Heard & What You Said

Hey you guys... My first children's book is available now on iTunes, with me reading it aloud!  This is almost too fun. It's called What I Heard & What You Said. So often we think we know what someone has said.  But if we repeat back what we Think We Heard, the other person says, "No, that's not what I said."  We live in a world of misunderstanding.  Let's try to live in a little more clarity. What I Heard & What You Said is a lesson for children that we can all learn from.  [...]
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Jizo and Trauma Recovery for Chibi

It is uncanny how many people I meet who had early childhood trauma.  It's not just patients in my office, it's people I meet in casual conversation. I mention Jizo & Chibi, and the moment I start telling them about Chibi — the inner child, the infant self — they open up and tell me how their mother became ill when they were 6 weeks old, how they were separated from mom due to jaundice or other health issues, how they were premature and lived life in an incubator and struggle with attaching to people. I am not saying everyone who had early separation is suffering as a result of it.  I don't think we are all living on a level playing field.  Some of us are more sensitive to life's challenges, more fragile.  [...]
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Parenting and the Zen Koan

A few years ago, children's books started to pour out of me during meditation. For about eight weeks in a row, at least once a week, a sweet and slightly rhyming story would appear. I have been a writer since I was eight, so I am happy whenever poetry arrives, fresh off the universe, minimal editing required. Of those stories, I have self-published two. I have a few other favorites, but they are for another time.  Right now, I want to tell you about "Why a Fly." [...]
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Buy Something Beautiful, Affirm Yourself

I am having a day to read and rest and look at the sky. It is ultra-blue since the winds blew through Southern California the past few days. I find a post in my inbox from the Harvard Business Review on why people buy beautiful things. I decide to share it with my readers (it is pasted below). I find myself in the curious position of seeking to understand why someone would want to buy my Jizo or Chibi pendants or other things I offer. [...]
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How to Wear Your Jizo

Recently, I took time to read my blogs.  I was surprised to read pages and pages of my words.  Seriously. Yet I could not find any mention by me about how to use your Jizo pendant to get centered, as if there is any one way to relate to a Bodhisattva.  Still, my Jizo is designed in three sizes, Tiny (1/2"),  Middle Way (3/4")  and Noble (1").  He has weight to him.  He is rounded.  His touch is meant to be soothing.  I am a little high-maintenance in the anxiety department, so I usually wear two at a time.  One silver, one gold. [...]
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How to Resist Christmas Cravings? Sit Still!

Suzuki Roshi said there is no better instruction for how to meditate than just "Sit Still." Buddha said there is no greater suffering than craving.  In fact, his definition of Hell was just that:  craving, desiring, hankering, longing.  [...]
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