I don't like noise.  That is putting it mildly.  So is saying I'm sensitive to noise.  I've been this way my entire life. So I went looking for a solution. In my meditation, I am encouraged to welcome my anger toward noise, note it and breathe it out.  That hasn't helped.  I've tried it hundreds of times.  I am encouraged to accept the things I cannot change.  But when it comes to noise, that just seems impossible.  I have tried releasing the tension the noise brings on by focusing on places where I am not tense.  That hasn't been helpful here either. So, what do I do? Judge myself for playing the victim in a world full of noise?  That's certainly not beneficial. But after long seeking, I have at last found a soft place to go (on the internet!!) when I need respite.  I had to share it with you now, in case you are in a similar pickle or know someone who is.  When you get there, you will hear only the sound of rain.  I've heard it called "pink noise" -- softer than white noise.  A soothing sound that drowns out the other noises. When every agitated cell hears the rain, they take a collective breath, sigh deeply and find peace. www.rainymood.com Hope it helps.  Maybe I will see you there.