Jizo Therapy: Kintsugi and The Broken Places

A funny thing happens after sitting in meditation for a long time, gazing at my Jizos, who are gazing back at the not-me — my mind becomes at ease. I promise it only took around 20 years for me to stop controlling my breath and just let it be. For years, my mind would always go straight to, "Am I doing this right?  Can I let go the breath?" There was usually a resounding, "No, you're breathing is all wrong."  Sigh. I am not certain of the time, perhaps it was at Webster College in 1972, John Lennon and Yoko Ono were on TV, was it Dick Cavett? Or maybe David Frost? Yoko brought a broken tea cup to mend a piece of each day of the interview.  I liked the metaphor; a seed was planted.  It lay there a long, long time. [...]
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Jizo: A Gift for Mother’s Day

I don't know when Mother's Day is this year. I know it's in May, but my mom is gone, so I kind of avoid it. If you've lost your mom, maybe you can relate.  But loving my mom and loving the Jizos I have created moved me to contemplate Mother's Day. Motherhood. Jizo. [...]
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In Honor of St. Valentine, a Ruby Jizo

Ruby is the stone of the heart and the breath, of love and life.  It is revered for removing roadblocks to intimacy. It is believed that a ruby can heal a blocked root chakra, which may manifest as a sense of not belonging. Jizo helps you open to new life and new connections. Wouldn't it be lovely if the unity of Jizo and the ruby could help someone to know love and eliminate feelings of isolation?  [...]
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Destressing for the Holiday Season, Today

Hi all. As I therapist, I have heard my patients begin to worry about the holidays as early as, well, about the time the lights go up in Bloomingdale's, which is now in September. Even if you are not a worrier, there is a level of Shoulds, of stress, of pressure that our society places on Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas and New Years that creeps up, quietly, when we begin thinking about whether or not to go home for the holidays, who is cooking, are we alone, were we alone last year — the little thoughts are endless. [...]
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Fiscal Fitness and the Holidays

Spend! Lots! Fast! I've got to find the perfect present!  Go!  Now! Black Friday!  Six fewer shopping days this year! Whoa! I want stuff for me too!  Want, need, desire, hanker, cling, have longing...  Suffer? There it is again — the season of spending shouting at us. So how do we go through the most commercial time of the year and stay financially sober? [...]
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What I Heard & What You Said

Hey you guys... My first children's book is available now on iTunes, with me reading it aloud!  This is almost too fun. It's called What I Heard & What You Said. So often we think we know what someone has said.  But if we repeat back what we Think We Heard, the other person says, "No, that's not what I said."  We live in a world of misunderstanding.  Let's try to live in a little more clarity. What I Heard & What You Said is a lesson for children that we can all learn from.  [...]
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Now, a Valentine’s Moment Right Now

While the world is barely recovered from the pressure of the perfect holiday season, I am noticing chocolate everywhere.  Red boxes full of expressions of love and, allegedly, blasts of serotonin. [...]
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Adrenaline & Holidays: Slow Down & Seek Peace

Oh, gosh, but I wish the phrase Happy Holidays were not so loaded with tension and expectations.  As you read this, you may be buzzing on sugar, experiencing pressure from inside and out, surrounded by speedy messages that drive us to the "give-me syndrome".  We may have family and friends who expect us to be happy just because "it's the holidays!!"  [...]
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Marisol Nichols & Jizo at the Emmys Gift Suite

Last summer, I gave Marisol Nichols a large gold Jizo with a precious stone to light her way. It is always an honor to give one of my Jizos, designed to help one practice meditation, to someone who I know will cherish it.  [...]
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New Jizo Design Holds a Ruby

New Jizo design coming this week! He is gold and holding a ruby, the stone of the heart. [...]
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