Fidgeting & Lovingkindness

I was an active kid.  Not hyper-active, just spirited.  Playful.  Funny.  In meditation, this part of me arises.  Sometimes it is a whisper. Sometimes a volcano. Mostly, it's just me being fidgety. Around age six, I attended Sunday church services with my mom. I remember her whispering, "Sit still."  She would promise me a root beer float, a scoop of vanilla ice cream plopped into a half-filled glass of root beer, if I would only Sit Still. I really don't remember the root beer float, but I remember her voice, calming me. Be still. Be still. [...]
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JizoTherapy: Making Prioritizing a Priority

I know a group of people who are trying not to overwork, but rather to pace themselves.  They have some wonderful tools including a meditation on prioritizing.  Here's what they have to say, "We decide which are the most important things to do first. Sometimes that may mean doing nothing. We strive to stay flexible to events, reorganizing our priorities as needed. We view interruptions and accidents as opportunities for growth." THIS IS PERFECT for me today.  [...]
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Jizo & Enso, 20 Children and 6 Adults

It has been a month since the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut.  The punch of the news took days to even begin to metabolize. [...]
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JizoTherapy, Taming the Monkey Mind with Compassion

I could never "successfully" meditate until finding my Jizo.  Maybe I was too young, maybe my ego could not surrender to the process (likely it really hasn't even now but there has been some progress). What I have found is that the grounding aspect of Jizo, whose Sanskrit name - Ksitigarbha - means Earth Womb, activated an archetype within me that allowed for a sense of Universal Groundedness.  Allow me some metaphysical, maybe magical, thinking here.  So long as the ego was in charge of my meditation, it resisted emptiness.  There was something nihilistic about my approach. [...]
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What is the Idea Horse?

When I Google "Idea Horse" nothing much shows up.  The first hit is the Ideal Horse in Aristotle's concepts of the Ideal-Fill-in-the-Blank. When I search for The Monkey Mind and The Idea Horse, I begin to find small mentions. [...]
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Meditating on The Monkey Mind and The Idea Horse

Say "Hello, monkey." Whatever the chatter is -- no matter how harsh, silly, irrelevant or distracting -- you must learn how to handle the monkey mind: that endless chatter of fear, restlessness, distraction and other voices in our heads that Buddha described as monkeys clamoring for our attention. If you hate the monkey mind , it is like giving it steroids.  If you bathe it in compassion, it is like a soothing balm that will entice it out of the trees to be held safely in Jizo's arms. [...]
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The Middle Way to Start the Day

I always plan to meditate in the morning before going onto my phone, laptop or iPad. That way, I find the middle before being pulled in any of the other four directions.  I once heard someone say that they had never met a day that could not start 20 minutes earlier -- which is to say, there is always time for mindfulness, reflection, writing, drawing, centering.  I imagine my busy mind climbing into the arms of Jizo's grounding nature and then... I listen. [...]
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Meditation Creates the Happiest Man in the World

A Tibetan monk has been declared the happiest man in the world by researchers at the University of Wisconsin.  He credits meditation for his happiness and is showing the world what his mind looks like. You can learn more about it here. Please explore.  Be curious.  Work your frontal lobe, your decision-making center. [...]
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Teaching Children Walking Meditation

Teaching children to meditate is easier than teaching adults.  Children like consistency.  We are the ones who usually introduce inconsistency to them at a very early age.  Nobody is perfect, right? Rather than sitting and breathing in a circle, start the meditation process with a child by walking back and forth through a hallway or on a sidewalk.  Ask the child to close his or her eyes and stand still, to feel the ground beneath her feet.  You feel the ground beneath your feet while you do this.  Feel the air on your face.  Hear the sounds around you.  [...]
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In Jizo’s safekeeping: Starting your day with meditation

Jizo Bodhisattva has many names. The original was Sanskrit:  Ksitigarbha.  It's translation to English is roughly Earth Womb or Earth Treasury.  As the Bodhisattva who promised Buddha he would remain on the earth until everyone was finished suffering, his role is like that of Mother Earth.  The earth holds each plant, each seedling and each old tree alike as they grow. [...]
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