Mindfulness, Touching Base in a Friendly Way

When we have a thought, do we respond to it as though it were true? Do we believe that our feelings tell us what is true about the world? Two big buzzwords these days are Emotional Dysregulation. It assumes that normal is, say, in the range of middle C, within an octave either higher or lower in pitch. If you fly up and down the keyboard, triggered throughout the day, scattered on the mind's 88 piano keys then you often need help to keep you closer to center. [...]
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On Acceptance

For me, the wisdom to know what is and what is not acceptable has been one of my greatest challenges. I cannot force solutions. I can speak up for myself. I can have boundaries. There IS unacceptable behavior. The big picture is remembering that when I sit back and don't force things, when I wait 24-48 hours (or longer!), that my acceptance of sitting back and not controlling a situation often allows for a far better outcome than I could have created. [...]
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Parenting and the Zen Koan

A few years ago, children's books started to pour out of me during meditation. For about eight weeks in a row, at least once a week, a sweet and slightly rhyming story would appear. I have been a writer since I was eight, so I am happy whenever poetry arrives, fresh off the universe, minimal editing required. Of those stories, I have self-published two. I have a few other favorites, but they are for another time.  Right now, I want to tell you about "Why a Fly." [...]
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Jizo and The Yoga Asana: Lean Into It

It took me five years of intensive yoga to get into Trikonasana, also known as triangle pose. My hips would not open up. My lower back screamed "No!!" And I had to listen to that no because I kept injuring myself when I didn't. My vow is patience. Yoga, like wisdom, takes a long time. We are not perfect; we are not supposed to be perfect.  We are here to learn how to meet ourselves where we are, then grow from there. [...]
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The Worst Ego in the WORLD

Hello.  I am Valerie's Ego and I am writing my first blog EVER. AREN'T YOU IMPRESSED? YES, WE JUST GOT BACK FROM YOGA AND I AM READY TO ROCK! Big breath. Let it pass. My mind is a yoga class in constant session. I hate the asana, I love the asana. I hate the teacher, I love the teacher. The guy next to me is breathing too loudly. The girl behind me is dramatizing with every misstep.  There is someone to my left, where I should not be looking, who is perfect and easily 30+ years my junior. [...]
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Glimpses of Peace Amidst Glimpses of Peace: A Meditation on Conflict Avoidance

Take a deep breath... and as you exhale... please pause. Notice where your shoulders are.  Take your shoulders down to where they fall naturally. Feel your breath enter and leave your body, feel your belly rise and fall. Notice your thoughts.  Listen to the ticker-tape chatter, the Monkey Mind, the galloping Idea Horse. Smile as you exhale. Now, bring into your mind the person with whom you have the most conflict. He or she may be someone you know, someone in the news. That person may be you. [...]
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Creative Living With All Your Might

For me, J.D. Salinger was a bit of a Zen Master. [...]
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A Broken Guitar String Meditation

There is something wonderful about old guitar strings. They have character. They hurt my fingers when I haven't played in a while. They are edgy, at least for me. And it's even more amazing when one breaks. POP! It is a great sound. [...]
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Jizo Therapy: Visit with a Craving

In my understanding of Buddhism, hell is being stuck in a state of desire, of craving, of wanting anything other than what is right here, right now.  Jizo is the bodhisattva whose role it is to help us out of these realms, making a vow to evolve to a higher state. [...]
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Did You Quit Meditating… Again?

I know you have heard that we meditate to improve cognitive functioning, to bring peace, to cope with anxiety, and for myriad other reasons -- just fill in the blanks.  Bottom line: the consensus is that meditating is good for you.  Kind of like broccoli. And yet, most of us quit. Eventually. And still, many of us who quit long to return. [...]
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