Hello, Keywords? Hello Jizo.

What?  Aw, crap. In meditation this morning Chibi fell off the shrine and on to the sketch pad:  "Oh, no!" Chibi cried, like the 1950s-style comics that used to run on Sunset Boulevard in the '80's that read "I forgot to have children!" My Chibi cried, "I forgot to use keywords!  Key. Words! I heard about them but I forgot them, the dog ate them, they were here and now they aren't and and and..." [...]
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Jizo: A Gift for Mother’s Day

I don't know when Mother's Day is this year. I know it's in May, but my mom is gone, so I kind of avoid it. If you've lost your mom, maybe you can relate.  But loving my mom and loving the Jizos I have created moved me to contemplate Mother's Day. Motherhood. Jizo. [...]
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A Little Jizo and Grief Story

I received this note from one of our peeps, who collects my Jizos. "I gave one of your pendants to a friend.  She wore it constantly while her mom was sick and dying from a brain tumour. She said that by wearing it, it did indeed help to keep her grounded and granted her some inner peace. I'd say that you're leaving quite a good trail of footprints on the web for all that seek it and are ready to follow to wherever the journey leads. Thank you again Valerie." [...]
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In Honor of St. Valentine, a Ruby Jizo

Ruby is the stone of the heart and the breath, of love and life.  It is revered for removing roadblocks to intimacy. It is believed that a ruby can heal a blocked root chakra, which may manifest as a sense of not belonging. Jizo helps you open to new life and new connections. Wouldn't it be lovely if the unity of Jizo and the ruby could help someone to know love and eliminate feelings of isolation?  [...]
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The Seeds of a Simple Life, for the Holidays and Then Some

Twenty years ago, when I was feeling burned out from working far too many patient hours, I sought out information about what was called the Seeds of Simplicity movement. [...]
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How to Wear Your Jizo

Recently, I took time to read my blogs.  I was surprised to read pages and pages of my words.  Seriously. Yet I could not find any mention by me about how to use your Jizo pendant to get centered, as if there is any one way to relate to a Bodhisattva.  Still, my Jizo is designed in three sizes, Tiny (1/2"),  Middle Way (3/4")  and Noble (1").  He has weight to him.  He is rounded.  His touch is meant to be soothing.  I am a little high-maintenance in the anxiety department, so I usually wear two at a time.  One silver, one gold. [...]
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Waiting to Blog

We wait to be perfect. In meditation, we can see that there is no place to get to where everything will be better or different. So, we wake up and live now.

Lindsay Pulsipher & Jizo at the Golden Globes Gift Suite

Lindsay Pulsipher is a beautiful young woman with a big heart and a old, wise soul.  Upon encountering Jizo & Chibi, she was clearly moved to a deep connection with the talismans. [...]
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Colin O’Donoghue, Jizo & Me

The day I met Colin, he was jet lagged from coming across the Atlantic.  The exhaustion did absolutely nothing to diminish Colin's impact -- this Irishman has a presence. [...]
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Chibi is going to the Emmys!

Chibi is Going to the Emmys: Nominated for Best Inner Kid in a Supportive Role. [...]
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