Creating Icons: Jizo & Chibi

"Iconic" is the new fashion phrase this spring.  Shoes are iconic; belts and watches: iconic.  I was confused, so I looked it up.  An icon is "A representation of a sacred or sanctified personage."  My Jizo & Chibi jewelry are iconic!  [...]
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Mother’s Day Contemplation: Attachment …and Then Detaching

This Sunday, we celebrated our first attachment figure:  Mom.  Like it or not, we internalized her since we were conceived.  I remember a New Yorker cartoon depicting a new mother holding her baby while talking with a friend.  The caption read, "I know the voice she hears in her head at my age will be mine." [...]
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Modern Family’s Ariel Winter & My Jizo

Modern Family's Ariel Winter and I met last summer at the DPA Emmy Gift Suite in Hollywood.  It was a poignant meeting as her grandmother had just died and she was bravely showing up with her sister. [...]
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Circum-Respiration Meditation: Breathing in a Circle

In this meditation, you will learn to practice circum-respiration, breathing in a circle. While this may be just a breathing practice, it is enhanced immeasurably if you focus your heart on Jizo Bodhisattva, the Buddhist protector, holding a safe place within you for Chibi, the little one; your inner child. [...]
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Marisol Nichols & Jizo at the Emmys Gift Suite

Last summer, I gave Marisol Nichols a large gold Jizo with a precious stone to light her way. It is always an honor to give one of my Jizos, designed to help one practice meditation, to someone who I know will cherish it.  [...]
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Edi Gathegi of Twilight & Jizo

Edi Gathegi, who played the vampire Laurent in Twilight and New Moon, is one of the warmest and sweetest men!  He loved the story of Jizo and how Chibi, the little one, is held safely.  [...]
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Jennifer Love Hewitt & Jizo

Jennifer Love Hewitt listened with a warm gaze to the story of Jizo, the Buddhist monk who promised Buddha he would stay on earth until all people were done suffering.  When I explained that Chibi meant "little one" in Japanese, she held my work to her cheek and thanked me.  [...]
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Terrence Howard & Jizo at the Golden Globes Gift Suite

As I molded the clay into an image of Jizo, his head fit snugly between my thumb and forefinger; his body in my loosely held fist. At the end of meditation, I took one of my tiny Chibi pendants and used it as a stencil to create the little one on Jizo's chest.  I sensed that others might hold this and find comfort. [...]
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Colin O’Donoghue, Jizo & Me

The day I met Colin, he was jet lagged from coming across the Atlantic.  The exhaustion did absolutely nothing to diminish Colin's impact -- this Irishman has a presence. [...]
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New Jizo Design Holds a Ruby

New Jizo design coming this week! He is gold and holding a ruby, the stone of the heart. [...]
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