What I Heard & What You Said

Hey you guys... My first children's book is available now on iTunes, with me reading it aloud!  This is almost too fun. It's called What I Heard & What You Said. So often we think we know what someone has said.  But if we repeat back what we Think We Heard, the other person says, "No, that's not what I said."  We live in a world of misunderstanding.  Let's try to live in a little more clarity. What I Heard & What You Said is a lesson for children that we can all learn from.  [...]
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Parenting and the Zen Koan

A few years ago, children's books started to pour out of me during meditation. For about eight weeks in a row, at least once a week, a sweet and slightly rhyming story would appear. I have been a writer since I was eight, so I am happy whenever poetry arrives, fresh off the universe, minimal editing required. Of those stories, I have self-published two. I have a few other favorites, but they are for another time.  Right now, I want to tell you about "Why a Fly." [...]
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Why learn? Why school? Why a Fly?

Chibi is plagued by WHY? Why are we here?  Why do we have to learn algebra?  Why are you You?  Why am I ME? It is back-to-school time.  After all the new clothes, if there are new clothes, and new notebooks, pencils and pens  -- and for those fortunate enough to attend middle school in Manhattan Beach, Calif., new iPads, as they are now mandatory for all students.  After the apps, the phones, the haircuts and confusion, comes the existential query:  Why learn?  Why do I have to write paragraphs?  Why term papers?  Why geometry, calculus, physics, novels and discussions? [...]
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